Wee Davy is a novel by the Scottish author, Andrew Doig.

What would you do if a two-foot septuagenarian Scotsman tumbled out of your washing machine?  For William, a young Glaswegian backpacking in Australia, his panicked efforts to save the tiny wee man bring a new companion abruptly into his life.

‘But what are you Davy?’
‘I’m jist yer wee big bollixed pal.’

Wee Davy is a darkly comic novel that draws on the crisis of identity and longing for stability faced by a young man launched into a world of supposed adventure. Davy gives voice to desires and urges that William represses – for women, for change and for acceptance among his peers.

This website gives you a taste of Wee Davy, through sample chapters, video and audio recordings of the author reading from the book.

This site is all about giving you an enhanced Wee Davy experience (if you really want to get that much closer to him). I’ve recorded the sample chapters and dropped into the text hyperlinks that can give you a sense of where the action is happening, and what the characters are experiencing. So, for each of the chapters here you’ll find a video of me reading an excerpt, an audio recording of the full chapter, and then the words written down, with the odd hyperlink thrown in. Apologies for my terrible Australian accent, by the way. I’ll work on that and re-record these bits maybe.

I’m also going put up a bunch of excerpts from unpublished sections of Wee Davy, sections that will let you get a full understanding of the world and wiles of Davy and William.

Feel free share these pages, pass on your comments, get in touch and by all means, if you like what you find here, go ahead and buy the book.

Wee Davy is available across a number of different digital formats, check out Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords or Barnes & Noble to buy your copy, or you can buy the paperback from Amazon worldwide.

If you would like to contact the author, then please email DoggyDoig@gmail.com, or visit the Wee Davy Facebook page, http://facebook.com/weedavynovel

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  1. I’m really excited about the upcoming digital release of Wee Davy (I’m sure to be followed by the mainstream media publication, of course) and I think this site is a very useful tool for generating interest in the novel – especially with the sample chapters that you’ve recorded.

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