Unpublished bits

Like the director’s cut of a movie, there are often sections of books that don’t make it to the final edit, but the author still kind of loves and thinks that they might be worth sharing. For Wee Davy, I cut out some quite large sections, that I felt weren’t necessary to drive the story forward (it’s all about the story, you know?). But still, there’s some nice wee bits in there.

So, here I am going to add some unpublished excerpts from the book, some of William and Davy’s misadventures that weren’t perhaps necessary for the flow of the novel. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know what they got up to, right?

Explore a little here and you can find out:

Note that because these sections come from earlier versions of the novel, there may be some inconsistencies with the published plot.  I’m just including them for those of you who are willing to explore a little more.


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